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Waiting on Wednesday #3

This week’s Waiting on Wednesday choice, is The Arsonist by Stephanie Oakes. Last year, Stephanie Oakes made a bombshell debut with The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly. Though I have since acquired the novel, (and I have oodles of friends that RAVE about it…) I still haven’t read it. Shame on me.

However, I did manage to snag an arc of The Arsonist at ALAMW. It’s sitting on my shelf, waiting for me. One thing that’s superficially attracted me to her books…. ARE THE SIZE.

These suckers are huge. a whopping minimum of 400 pages. They are heavy, as all my favorite books are (kidding, I have a few lightweight favorites too.) There’s just something about heavy-huge novels that I just love. It’s like it’s…. the potential. It stands out. It says “Look at me! I have tooooons of plot twists and turns and character-derived AGONY awaiting you!”

So, I hope real soon I’ll get to dig in to this promising read. šŸ˜€

Here’s the gorgeous cover for you to oggle till it comes out in August!

Chris Agony gif

To Catch a Killer

This book is a disgrace to murder mysteries everywhere.

Well, To Catch a Killer wasnā€™t the worst mystery Iā€™ve ever readā€¦. But itā€™s definitely up there in the top five. It was SO BORING.

The Foxglove Killings

The writing was fineĀ but theĀ plot was sub-par..

Lock & Mori

When I saw this book, I knew the author was gutsy. Sherlockā€™s fan base has without a doubt, exponentially increased in the past couple years (a la BBC) but the truth is, Sherlock is one of theĀ most iconic fictional characters of all time. People write about him all the time, and each oneĀ tries to reinvent him as something moreĀ peculiar.