Contact & Review Policy

I’m always looking to read new and exciting content (recent or upcoming books and events are preferred.)

Having migrated to WP, I can now participate fully in Book Reviews, Book Tours, Author Tours, Cover Reveals, Excerpts, Giveaways, and any other activity you request.

Publishers and Publicists can contact me with their queries at


Publishers and Publicists are invited to add me to their publicity newsletters, so I can be informed of upcoming books and other opportunities.

Are you a self-published author looking for a review?

Please read all of the following before you contact me.
I only take these genres:

  • Middle Grade (rarely)
  • Young Adult (majority)
  • New Adult (occasionally)

I rarely take Middle Grade novels anymore, so be forewarned that there is a high chance of rejection for self-published Middle Grade books.

Young Adult novels are the vast majority of the books I review here at Rachel’s Book Reviews.

When it comes to New Adult novels, I’m very picky, but I am open to them.

All books are evaluated on a case by case basis. All titles will be reviewed with complete honesty, and receiving a book will not influence my thoughts or feelings about the content of the book. I will not remove unfavorable reviews on request.

The review will be posted here, on Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Other platforms can be requested. Each will be publicized on my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Only two remaining pieces of advice:

  • Please include:
    • The book title
    • Your name (author name)
    • A synopsis

I will immediately delete mass emails from independent authors.

I love reading, and I’m always eager to look for new books and exciting events to participate in.

I can’t wait to hear from you!