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Cover Reveal – Bring Me Their Hearts

I’m super excited to read this one, so when I was asked to join Entangled for the cover reveal, my answer of course, was YES.

Alrighty, DRUMROLL for the cover reveal!

Cover Reveal – Beyond the Neon Shore

Whew! I just got the email in at 9:30 with the cover! It came on so fast! I didn’t even know the sequel was being published until a few days ago. That having been said, I feel like this post is going to be terribly inadequate.

I actually still have my arc of The 52nd! It’s too dark in my apartment to take a photo this late at night. 😛 Blogger fail.

So anyway, here’s the GORGEOUS cover!


The release date is June 3rd, 2017. I can’t wait to R&R it! But for real, look at that cover! Also, I have a side gripe to rant about.


You see the really cool font? With the blocks sticking out? Doesn’t that pattern look so Aztec? I almost Boo-yah’ed when I saw that.

This semester I’m taking an art course (hoping to get my AA in art…) so it’s a graphic design class.

Our first project was to create a logo, and our second project was to create an identity system incorporating the logo. (basically, a letterhead, business card, and envelope.)

Well, my fake company I created for the class was an AZTEC CHOCOLATE company.

I used a design in the background that was a slightly different version of the god’s crown on my logo…

It basically looked like the side of the font on this beautiful cover! And you know what my teacher said?

This pattern looks too greek.”

For reals guys, I almost died.

I mean, I got where she was coming from. Critique’s push artists to be better. And I did come up with something better on the next phase.

But since then I’ve seen like….five Aztec/Maya art pieces that all have that motif and it slays me every time.


Here’s my ‘too Greek’ design:


Le sigh.

During the next phase, I came up with this one:


I think this one looks maybe a tad too….Nepalese… But hey, I got a better grade. That’s all that matters in college, amirite? Ok So ….the end.

That’s all I had for my last minute improv.


Don’t forget, the first book in the series (The 52nd) is on sale this weekend for .99 cents! The sale ends on Halloween.

You can purchase it on Amazon here

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