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I did an AMAZING interview with Sarah Lemon (Author of Done Dirt Cheap, and soon, Valley Girls).

There was drama, and talking of animals, Lady-bromance (Bra-mance?) and more. So stay tuned!

I’ll also be doing more giveaways, memes and UNBOXINGS. YAYYYYY. As well as new haul videos about once or twice a month.

So sorry about taking such a long hiatus. I feel horrible about it and am ready to be more dedicated again.

Thanks for sticking with me!

I’ll talk to you guys later. I have 7,000 emails to weed through (only about 40% of those are spam) and I apparently have almost 1,000 comments to moderate. That has GOT to be mostly spam. I’ve never seen so many comments in my life.

ALA16-Fevers, Fat Cats and Flooding

O.m.g. guys. I have had a whirlwind of a week. But this is about Monday-Wednesday in particular. Possibly the only relevant piece of information you need to know is that I found out I was allergic to wheat (gluten) less than a week before this vacation.