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ALA16-Fevers, Fat Cats and Flooding

O.m.g. guys. I have had a whirlwind of a week. But this is about Monday-Wednesday in particular. Possibly the only relevant piece of information you need to know is that I found out I was allergic to wheat (gluten) less than a week before this vacation.

The Hunt ~ Surprise Book Release!

Alyssa Rose Ivy The Hunt Banner 2


This is just a highlight post! I signed up for a surprise release from Alyssa Rose Ivy and I must say, I’m excited to read it.

Book Blitz Soulspark

Soulspark Review Blitz Banner

You guys are going to LOVE this excerpt. It definitely has me eager to read Soulspark.

Book Blitz



Book Blitz


Excerpt and Giveaway!

Interview with Michael Bradley


Now, on to my interview with hero and love interest, Michael Bradley!

Book Blitz
Future Shock


Teasers and Giveaways and Playlists Oh My!

Book Blitz
Dark Energy


Book Blitz
Walk the Edge

WTE Tour Banner

I’m ENTIRELY DEVASTATED. My head and eyes hurt too much to read the book in time for the tour. Sucks, because McGarry is one of my FAVORITES. I had the pleasure of reading her debut before it was even released. (it makes me fuzzy inside knowing that I was attached enough to keep it. I’m pretty sure It’d be impossible to find someone willing to give it.)