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Book Blitz Tiger’s Dream

I feel like I’ve waited for this for an ETERNITY. I was OVER THE MOON to get an invite to the blog tour. I’m signed up for a review but unfortunately the physical book never arrived. I did get an ebook copy so I didn’t panic….I downloaded it successfully….but ended up with a sinus infection the next morning. It’s been two weeks now, and by the time I finally felt like I could read an ereader without my brain exploding…. I realized I lost my kindle. Then I SUPER panicked. I have no clue what I did with it. So unfortunately my post is going to be promo only and sans review. That’s ok though, I still have a giveaway you guys can enter into.

Mercury Rises Book Blitz

I’ve got excerpts from Mercury Rises to enjoy and a GIVEAWAY to enter!! 

Cinderella Necromancer Blitz and Excerpt!

I’m so excited for Cinderella Necromancer. It sounds so so so good. I was originally scheduled for a review post, but I’m having to post a blitz instead. I’m so bummed that my site is having issues! It led me to not being able to finish the book on time for the tour, and I’m a horrible judge of time, so it’s very easy to kick me off kilter.  I seem to end up in this position more times than not. *sigh* My site seems to have miraculously fixed itself, however, I still have to solve the formatting errors that interfered with my previous two posts.

Summoner Blitz

Welcome to my Summoner Blitz post! This post will have a dancing spiderman, and so many images, my SEO will hulk-smash me. The book’s birthday was just on the fourth, so this content is pretty fresh. So now for the excerpt and giveaway!

Project Pandora Blitz

Third Kiss Blitz!

Now you can read an excerpt of The Third Kiss, and enter a giveaway for a $20 Amazon Gift Card!

Book Blitz – Plains of Sand and Steel

Alright! Now for a giveaway!

Shadowfall Book Blitz & Giveaway

Hooked Book Blitz