Top Ten Tuesday #5 Bad Mamma Jammas

Basically, a list of bad moms in literature. Specifically YA lit. Now, some of these examples are going to be a bit vague for spoiler purposes. I’d like to put these in order, but I simply can’t. I’d have to re-read all of them, take excessive notes and compare. So, they are in alphabetical order, except the last two, which are my vague guessing game books.

Top Ten Books of 2016

So after narrowing my selection down from 21 to 10 11, here is what I’ve named my top ten books of 2016.

Interview with Lorie Langdon


Now for the interview with the lovely Lorie Langdon!!

Gilt Hollow

YAS. This was everything I wanted, but was denied while reading The Foxglove Killings and Last Time We Were Us. It was just. Gah. Dynamic, well paced, and generally adorable.