The Replacement Crush



Aw! This book was adorable! I grinned through the majority of the novel, it was just so…adorable.

Resisting the Rebel

Soooo….I was way less than impressed with this one. I had zero feels and gave no cares about what happened to Caleb or Mandy.

Which is sad, the book is inspired by the Disney movie Sky High, a movie I LOVE. (specifically, characters Layla and Warren) and I totally shipped those two. So I was totally in the mood for a Warren type character to fall in love with a Layla type character (which is to say, an opposites attract story)

Unfortunately, the emotion, the attraction….heck, even the plot line, just wasn’t there. It was boring. It was dull. Nothing happened.

Even when Mandy’s grandma had an upset, I didn’t really feel anything, or any suspense, or any fear for any of the characters.

The best part of the book was the bromance between Caleb and J.T. But it was a very tiny light in a very dim surrounding. I’ve read a lot of fluffy contemporaries that I actually love and adore…so I know it’s not the genre or the audience that was off for me.

This is a major case of it’s definitely not me, it’s you.

I have no qualms about calling out terrible books. So boom, there it is. Book, meet Terrible. Terrible, meet book. Good, we acquainted now? Do yourself a favor and just skip it. 😛

This review ended up so short that my SEO rating is orange. Dude. XD