Last Time We Were Us

My heart hurts. And not in the good way. Man, I’ve had a straight run of so many horrible books…unfortunately, The Last Time We Were Us, was another of those horrible books.

It had so much potential. So. Much.

But it was so boring. So. Boring.

Practically nothing happened. Everyone just kept talking about how important Innis was, how influential his family was…

And Liz was just a terrible character. I like anti-heroes and I know that characters need room to grow, but she had zero personality. She was shallower than most sprinkler puddles I’ve seen….

And I live in California….

In the desert…

During a historic drought….

Where we only water the grass two-three days of the week.

She just kept repeating her thoughts over and over and over again “Innis is perfect for me, he could give me a luxurious life” blah ba blah ba blah. Shhhuuuuut uuuuup. Please. 

I don’t mind characters milling over things a time or two. Especially when they are going against the grain they were raised in. Especially when they have pressure from family to conform to certain expectations. But ugh. Way. Overboard.

Not only that, but I found that NONE of the characters had emotional depth or personality.

It’s supposed to be a mystery, but it wasn’t even close. Even though there’s a tease at the start, it just drags and drags and drags and dear God, please make it stop.

Nothing happens till after the first half. It was SO EXCRUCIATINGLY SLOW. The end didn’t come as a surprise. I saw it coming from 6,000 miles away.

I forced myself to finish and when it was done, I was just glad that I could finally put it down.

Such a shame too. That cover is GORGEOUS.

Designers, WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME?. Why?

I just didn’t feel anything for anyone or anything. And isn’t that what books are supposed to do? Make us feel?

The book wasn’t even southern. It was set in the south, but it was more of an aftertaste than a flavor.

I mean, pearls, manners, sweet tea and Dogwood trees doesn’t make it southern. And I’d know, since I’m from the south. (And my mom’s entire side of the family is southern.) I was raised pretty southern, even in California.

Just please, don’t torture yourself. If you feel like reading something southern, with a good romance, I’d recommend Magnolia by Kristi Cook. That one? That one was fantastic.

Oh! Or Where I Belong by Gwendolyn Heasley. That one is adorable too. Bad boys, on the other hand, I have a post coming up on top bad boys, so that should get you your fill of them later.

Is there a cover that you absolutely adore, but the book inside doesn’t quite deserve it?! Ugh.

Leah does have another novel coming out this fall, so I’ll just cross my fingers that it’ll be better.

Book Blitz The Last Time We Were Us

I’m UBER excited to read this one. Childhood best friend? Miss-understood-Bad-Boy?

I’ll be there before you finish the sentence. XD I’ve actually read a few great Juvie boy stories, so I’m actually really hoping that this one will blast them all out of the water.