About Rachel’s Book Reviews

I’ve been reviewing books since 2010, and running this site has been the best experience of my life. It taught me how to interact better with people, it taught me better vocabulary, and it gave me a high definition view of the world around me.

This website also gave me a blanket to cuddle into and protect myself with. Through periods of crippling physical and mental illness, it gave me a safe haven. That blanket allowed me to develop my confidence in private, and eventually gave me the courage to use it in public.

Some people think that all this work is a waste of time. I design everything, I communicate with frustrating developers, I have deadlines and routines I have to stick to….

But this site has saved me. It’s a part of me.

And as long as I have eyes to read and keys to type on, I will always be reading, writing and reviewing.

I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts on the amazing world of modern literature!



About Rachel

Hi guys!

Obviously, I love reading. My favorite genre is Sci-Fi (thus the galactic theme.) I LOVE animals. I grew up in the country with herds of cats, dogs, horses, goats, and a rooster that crowed whenever he felt like it. Most were rescued animals.

Now I live in an apartment with my two adorable rescued cats, Agnes and Yeti (both male, I know, it’s a long story.)

I’m a geek and sometimes a dork. I’m almost always weird. Grumpy Cat makes me giggle. Graphic design is my favorite hobby outside of reading. I’m a Unicorn enthusiast.

My personality type is INTJ – rare for females. I love thinking about theoretical situations. I don’t try to, but I disagree with most authority figures, it ends up making me a non-conformist. I don’t bend easily to the will of societal norms. Blame my Scottish heritage.

Blue is my favorite color, but I’ve grown quite fond of most colors.

I’m in a lot of different fandoms, none of which I actually have time to keep up with. I have enough ships I could call them an armada. My favorite ship at the moment is from Fairy Tail. Go Gajevy! I love fanfiction and fanart.

My favorite superhero is Agent Coulson. #coulsonlives. Avatar – ATLA, is my favorite american cartoon. My favorite story arc of all time is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I’m a sucker for Disneyland and anything Disney.

Twitter is my favorite social media. Seriously, @ me any time.